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When you look for a solution to drastically enhance work performance in your organsation or even to develop your personal effectiveness then we should get to know each other.

Everything that I do is aiming to create powerful performance attributes and personality traits that enhance individual careers and business cultures alike. I work with a wide range of international clients from various backgrounds and industries. Their biggest threat is the waste of talent and lost opportunities due to a lack of leadership, awareness, creativity or support. But performance only unfolds when people are inspired, empowered and valued. That is why I made it my mission to create a working world where people are the most precious asset. I am concentrating on the change-makers, working with executives and high achievers developing outstanding personalities and thriving organisations. I am the strong supporter in the background, facilitating personal, professional and organisational growth. Some call me their coach, mentor or consultant. For others, I am their inspirer, secret weapon, thought leader or sparring partner.



What I do for my clients

Being a personal ally uniting business and people dynamics
Developing executives into inspirational leaders
Enhancing performance through empowerment, motivation & commitment across all levels
Establishing successful & sustainable career paths
Implementing cultures that meld business and people focus
Delivering sustainable change with immediate effect

Bespoke development solutions for individuals and organisations that drive cutting-edge leadership and working culture.


Let's create a working world where people are the crucial success factor and the most precious asset.


Driving performance and business success by making full use of personal talents and individuality.



My Success Factors

20+ years academic and professional experience in shaping work and business cultures
Extensive expertise in leadership, HR, strategy, Organisational Development and change
International & cross-cultural team player
Exceptional people, communication & analytical skills
Striking personality & client dedication
Exclusively designed bespoke solutions
Resolving root causes instead of symptoms


I love the dynamics of business and I admire people who want to make things happen. To bring both together I concentrate on key topics most influential to work performance.

Developing Talent 

Enabling Performance 

Securing Change



“unique complementary understanding”
“invaluable partner in career planning”
“uniting business acumen with powerful coaching”
“never judgemental and always up-lifting”
“quantum jump”
“highly dedicated business professional”
“personal anchor”
“extremly powerful”
“master of visualisation”



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