Confidence & Personality

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The key to success is the trust that we have in our ability


Our level of success rarely exceeds the level of our personal development. Problems and negative situations that we experience in our professional life are often linked to deeper routed obstacles like our personal value and belief system or unresolved issues of upbringing or programming. Great leaders need to possess a high degree of emotional intelligence that can be learned and enhanced. But for this first you need to be able to understand and to manage yourself so you can understand and manage others. I will make you identify strengths and challenges so you can build your power. With my guidance, you will take responsibility and the necessary steps. Gain clarity, focus and direction and finally remove those obstacles that are holding you back.



Well-balanced, charismatic and powerful personality
Fulfilment, purpose and happiness
Personal and professional success
High levels of self-confidence and self-awareness
Powerful communication and relationship skills
Enhanced power through focus and effectiveness
Playing to strengths and managing challenges
Enhanced Emotional Intelligence

I have had many coaches before but the sessions with Petra were practical, fun, powerful and extremely inspirational.  If you want to move forward faster than ever before she is definitely the coach for you.


Armand - Transformational Coach, London

Track Record

Strengthen self-confidence & self-esteem

Goal Setting, Refocussing & Redirection

Managing strengths & challenges

Personal Branding

Strengthen self-awareness

Crisis Management

Stress & Resilience

Building & enhancing relationships

Conflict Resolution

Improved Communication Style

Discovering behavioural patterns

Sound decision-making

Closing the Past

Creating the Future

Personality Profiles

Feedback & Lessons Learned



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