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Initiate cutting-edge leadership and work environments


Leaders are experiencing unprecedented requirement levels of performance, technical abilities and people skills. Not only to get to the top, but to stay there and deliver extraordinary results, takes personalities that truly embrace the magnitude of their task, take full responsibility and commit to continuous self-improvement.

I am the strong ally on their side that facilitates not only their professional development but furthermore provides a safe environment to analyse, talk, think, feel and strategise without restrictions. My task is to enable them to find their true identity as a leader. Together we overcome challenges, optimise behavioural and thinking patterns to enhance their intellectual, mental and emotional abilities.


Give executives the opportunity to be true leaders





Trusted role models who influence by example
Authentic leadership styles build on personality
Top performance through collaboration, dedication and inspiration
Charismatic personalities with people focus
Culture of innovation, development and change
Creativity and thought-leadership initiating new ways of thinking

Petra’s unique complementary understanding, impressive interdisciplinary knowledge and highly valuable long-term experience based skills of both complex human nature and what creates outstanding business success make her an excellent asset professionally and furthermore an exquisite gift to know personally.


David - Country Alliance Manager, Switzerland

Track Record

Leadership Strategy & Styles

Personal Branding

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Stress & Resilience

Cross-Cultural Leadership

Strategic, Lateral & Critical Thinking

Emotional Intelligence

Leading through Change

Influencing through coaching & mentoring

Personal Empowerment

Ideas, Concepts & Creativity

Conflict Resolution

First 100 days in a new job

Strategy & Future

Dysfunctional Teams

Strategic Alliances

Commitment & Motivation

Learning Strategies for Executives

Effective Communication

Sales & Representation Skills

Mastering HR Challenges

Promote Innovation

Creativity & Leadership

Values and Personality

Leading Generations X, Y, Z & Millennials

360-degree Feedback & Psychometrics

Work-Life Balance



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