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Trust your instinct - count on your gifts - develop your talent


Whilst leadership seems to be on everyone’s agenda, organisations also need to find answers on how to develop and manage high-achieving people with specialist knowledge that operate on expert rather than leadership level. Cooperative, interdisciplinary and highly complex work tasks require top and key people of expert knowledge that will set your organisation apart and secure the future through their expertise and innovation. Building this special talent requires constant development and dedication. My approach here is twofold. I am working with decision-makers on strategies on how to attract and manage this special talent base and furthermore on how to provide a culture that allows them to thrive. I also coach and mentor a wide range of highly gifted exceptional individuals on their personal and professional development. They require tailored career paths, a dedicated leadership approach, intellectual freedom and individualised rewards.



Effective talent strategy
Securing top people, their loyalty & dedication
Pursuing career paths and roadmaps
Talent development & learning strategies
Personal leadership style & strategies
Cooperative and innovative work environments
Rewards & privileges that create sustainable motivation
Spotting & exploring talents
Building strengths & personality
Winning the 'war for talent'

Petra is an exceptional Business Coach uniting deep and rich business acumen with her powerful coaching and mentoring approach. I especially value her straight talking and no-nonsense work style.


Z.P. - Internet Entrepreneur, London

Track Record

Self-esteem & Confidence

Career Goals & Strategy

Relationships & Networks

Leadership Skills

Emotional Intelligence

Increase Work Performance

Personal Branding

Onboarding - the first 100 days in a new job

Stress & Resilience

Coaching & Mentoring Skills

Ideas & Creativity

Decision-making skills

Understand Personality & Preferences

Effective Communication

Conflict Resolution

Commitment & Motivation

Work-Life Balance

360-degree Feedback

Personality Tests & Psychometrics

Personal Fulfilment



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