Strategic & Critical Thinking


Enrich your company culture by the art of High-Order Thinking.


Overwhelming time pressure often provokes rushed decision-making and narrow short-term interim solutions. At the same time a business culture of high-flying egos does not allow the thought of possible failure. But there are certain matters that require some deeper questioning. My PowerTalk sessions of strategic and critical thinking enable comprehensive evaluation and thereby identify difficulty way before it occurs. My role is to be your mirror and your sparring partner. I will facilitate your thought process and ask all the questions that you don't dare to ask yourself. I will also help you to put the pieces back together and draw these all important conclusions. Become more flexible in the way you think. Your success relies upon it.


Get ready to challenge the existing.



Establishing Critical Thinkers & Strategic Leaders
Enhancing sustainable decision-making
Developing analytical acumen
Inspiring creativity, innovation & change
Enhancing perceptive judgement & decisions
Driving problem & conflict resolution

Petra doesn’t shy away from addressing and questioning critical topics – and that’s how one reaches the goal.


Patricia - Marketing & Retail Executive

Track Record

Aftermath & Lessons Learned

Sparring & Mirroring

Future, Strategy & Concepts

Evaluation of decisions, actions & results

Quality Checks

Risk & Investment Assessments

Worst & Best Case Scenarios

Accompanying change processes

Leadership Effectiveness

Conflict Resolution

Self-image vs. Public Image

Generating new ideas

Strategic & Lateral Thinking Techniques

Defining standards & processes

Establishing methods & techniques

Verify quality requirements

New ways of performance measurements

Establishing feedback culture

Self-Assessment & Improvement

360 Degree Feedback

Psychometrics & Personality Tests

External & Internal Surveys



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