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“unique complementary understanding”

Petra’s unique complementary understanding, impressive interdisciplinary knowledge and highly valuable long-term experience based skills of both complex human nature and what creates outstanding business success make her an excellent asset professionally and furthermore an exquisite gift to know personally.


David - Country Alliance Manager, Switzerland

“invaluable partner in career planning”

Petra has been for some time now an invaluable partner in my career planning. Her insights helped me to develop a new approach to evaluating the status quo, uncover truly relevant opportunities and derive the most optimal alternatives for my personal development. 

I trust you will benefit from her advice as much as I do.


Chris - Investment Executive, London

“environment for difficult conversations”

Each coaching session with Petra had a precisely defined goal to work towards. In order to master difficult and important conversations at work I was able to use Petra’s questions and particular a sound preparation to prioritise and substantiate my arguments. The result gave me an ideal foundation. Also with other topics Petra enables that initially confused thoughts and ideas are put into order to ensure a clear defined result. Very professional.


Petra knows how to create and influence the right environment for difficult conversations. Also how to ask the right questions that will channel ideas into new directions and set impulses. I am particularly happy with the all-around support including preparation and aftercare. My initial concerns about telephone coaching was unfounded – it works fantastically. Petra doesn’t shy away from addressing and questioning critical topics – and that’s how one reaches the goal. Many thanks for everything!


Patricia - Marketing & Retail Executive, Berlin

“uniting business acumen with powerful coaching”

I am working with Petra Rexroth as my Business Coach since 2012.

During this time Petra helped me to create and build my business from scratch – from forming the first ideas, writing the business plan to running and growing the business bit by bit and also coach me through the daily challenges of being an internet entrepreneur.


Petra is an exceptional Business Coach uniting deep and rich business acumen with her powerful coaching and mentoring approach. Her dedication and commitment are second to none. Her great personality makes her very easy to work with. I especially value her straight talking and no-nonsense work style.

Thanks to her I was not only able to build my own business but also grow as a person.

I want to strongly recommend her to everyone that is running or starting up a business.

She is a true asset and will certainly remain my Business Coach for the next years.


Z.P. - Internet Entrepreneur, London

“a journey to myself”

My coaching with Petra was a journey to myself. I have discovered my strengths and have learned how I use them in the best possible way. I have also learned to deal with my weaknesses and with Petra’s help I can now manage them so much better and actually I am now able to use them to my advantage. With Petra I have analysed challenging situations in my daily work life. Where I was only able to see problems at the beginning, I always had a suitable solution at the end of each session.

Thank you so much, dear Petra for your professionalism and empathy, for lots of eye-opening moments and all those invaluable hints and tricks, which I can use both professionally and personally and which have made me so much stronger.


Caroline - Executive, Germany

“never judgemental and always up-lifting”

Petra Rexroth has the right touch when it comes to Coaching: structured and observant, she is able to listen and then guide you on a constructive path. From month to month she remembers the steps made and builds on them. She follows up a session with small exercises or relevant references. The experience is never judgemental and always up-lifting.


C.E. - Architect

 “brainstorms and benefits”

Thank you for your exciting coaching, it gave me many brainstorms and benefits.

Most of all I don´t want to miss the “little oases” in my office routine, because they are influencing my performance very positively on a daily basis.


Sandra - Compliance Executive

“quantum jump”

My goal was the creation of a training concept for small businesses in the service industry. After 6 sessions the result is a training guide which is usable in multiple ways and also represents a diverse business plan.

With the help of my coach I was able to demolish my personal barriers on my own. This result was possible by using focused questions techniques and also motivation given by Petra.

I experienced Petra as competent, sensible and very motivating and thank her very much for her rich support. With her help I have made some kind of quantum jump which enabled me also to grown in other areas of my life.


Nina - Creative Professional & Trainer, London

“highly dedicated professional with excellent business acumen”

I have been working with Petra of Revolutionary Minds as my business coach for the past year.

Petra is a highly dedicated business professional with excellent business acumen.

The coaching sessions with her are always extremely helpful in supporting me with decisions, setting new goals or any difficult issues I have to resolve.

Petra has helped me focus on organising my priorities, and tackle difficult issues with the benefit of clear planning.

I have found Petra’s sessions highly motivating: I always emerge feeling clear-headed, confident and equipped with a practical action plan to progress my next goal.

I would like to thank Petra very much for being such a fantastic and inspirational business coach and would like to recommend Petra to any business and any individual who needs a personal or a corporate coach.


Onika - Director Webdesign, London

“helped me to position myself”

Coaching with Petra helped me to position myself towards my business partners and also cleared my relationship with them. This was an important base from which to develop any further cooperation and coaching has influenced this in an extremely positive way.

Thanks for this, Petra!


Thomas - Managing Director, Cape Town

“highly motivated for my goals”

I had never worked with a coach before, so you could say that sessions with Petra were quite a positive experience for me. Petra was very capable as she professionally handled and guided me through the sessions we had. Her attitude was always focused on the matter and she never grew tired of providing both motivation and encouragement as I journeyed towards my goal.

Now, my mind is set and I am highly motivated in aiming for my goals.


Lutz - Bond Trader, Frankfurt

“instinct and social competence”

After the company I worked at went insolvent and I lost my job, Petra gave me in few sessions braveness, hope and goals, which helped me to start a new life. She supported me in finding out what I really expected from a new job, which was the best way to go and how I can avoid making my old mistakes again in the future. Petra succeeded not only because of her good education and technical abilities, but also by using her instinct and social competence!


Andrea - Client Service Executive, Stuttgart

“cannot recommend her highly enough”

Working with Petra was a blessing.

I had been wanting to make life changes for some time but had neither the confidence nor the true motive to actually make a change.

Through a 2.5-hour session we were able to work through variables to inform my decisions, create a yearlong plan, and establish underlying motives to propel me forwards.

5 stars - I cannot recommend her highly enough!


M. - Writer & Entrepreneur, London

“a lot of impulses and aha effects”

Not knowing what to expect, Petra provided me with such a lot of impulses and aha effects, that I was always really looking forward to our call. She took me the way I am and uncovered new layers. This gave me new views on my clients and my approach to marketing and selling my services.

I am genuinely very grateful for all she did and wish Petra that many more people will confide in her.


Anna - Photographer, Frankfurt

“master of visualisation”

Petra is a master of visualisation technique.

After just one session, I was crystal clear about my deepest dreams and desires in my ideal business. I am now willing to take whatever positive action is necessary to achieve my goals no matter how.


Nella - Consultant & Coach, London

“extremely powerful”

I found Petra's coaching extremely powerful in galvanising me to take action that I had been putting off - she actually got me excited about it and raring to go by making it seem far more achievable than I had previously thought!


Karen - King's College, London

“recognise the important things”

Sincere, empathetic but for all that determined, you have helped me to recognise the important things in my life. And thanks to your help, I am finally finding more time for them. Furthermore, your coaching brought me one step closer to my wishes, which beforehand seemed like unreachable dreams.

I am now very curious about what the future holds for me and I will most certainly look for your support again and again.

My sincere thanks for all that you have done for me over the last months.


Anke - Architect & Artist

“faster than ever before”

Coaching with Petra made it possible to complete two Diplomas and set up my business.

I had difficultly managing my time and staying motivated. She coached me in planning my studies and create a business plan. I was empowered to plan my work and work my plan.

She offered support and had only my best interest at heart.

I have had many coaches before but the sessions with Petra were practical, fun, powerful and extremely inspirational.  If you want to move forward faster than ever before she is definitely the coach for you.


Armand - Transformational Coach, London

“strong arguments to overcome weaknesses”

I have had the pleasure to work with Petra and I can’t recommend her highly enough.
She helped me gain confidence while preparing for an interview as she pointed out my weaknesses and helped me finding some strong arguments to overcome these weaknesses. Also, she helped me a lot in finding the right words and the right gestures to come across as a strong candidate in the interview. I did get the job and once I started at the new company she coached me to help me have an effective start at large global company with a complex reporting structure.
I can’t thank her enough for her great coaching and support! And she is not just a very professional coach but also a very lovely person to work with!


Silke - E-Commerce Executive, London

“the process works”

Before my sessions, I didn’t know what I was capable of if I know what I really want.

Together with Petra, I worked out and analysed goals, my hidden behavioural patterns, unfolded and resolved conflicts and by using my intuition, I developed alternatives with strict deadlines (which I really needed).

Best of all: the process works!


Ingo - Key Account Manager

“fantastic to work with”

So far I have engaged Petra 3 times as my coach. Initially I was sceptical but very quickly we developed a very solid foundation for working together. After round one I developed a much higher level of self-confidence. After round two I gained new insights triggered by her information and tips. And after round three I was well adjusted and prepared to face a diverse range of professional challenges. In addition, I am able to apply all this to my personal life.

It was and always will be fantastic to work with her.

Thank you very much. I can only praise you highly and will recommend you again and again.


Ulrich - Automotive Engineer, Munich