Conflict, Stress & Resilience

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At alarming rates conflicts and stress-related behaviour patterns and illnesses are damaging individual careers and organisations alike.


Executives need to take active and create preventive measures to fulfil their responsibility for health and performance of employees and organisational success. Symptoms of conflict and stress are warning signals of underlying issues that we adopt subconsciously. The only way of protection is awareness and resilience. My role is to be a mediator, mending the relationship you have with others - and most of all with yourself! One thing is sure, I will challenge you to look beyond so you can separate the symptoms and uncover the root cause. Uncover your behaviour and communication patterns and learn to resolve and prevent harmful and costly negativity.


Let us create a culture that works for people, not against.



Collaborative and participative leadership
Sound and sustainable decision-making
Effective communication and strategic long-term thinking
Increased teamwork, collaboration and strong work relationships
High levels of job satisfaction, dedication and loyalty
Substantial savings avoiding absence, lost working time, recruitment and legal fees.
High levels of resilience & motivation
Self-confidence enabling decision, prioritisation and delegation

Coaching with Petra helped me to position myself towards my business partners and also cleared my relationship with them. This was an important base from which to develop any further cooperation.


Thomas - Managing Director, Cape Town

Did you know?

Over 105 million days are lost to stress each year costing UK employers £ 1.24 bn (Source HSE)

Track Record

Self-esteem & Confidence

Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Resilience Personality Test

Investigating stress causes, processes & culture

Crisis Management

Awareness on all levels

Personal Coping Strategies

Bullying & Mobbing

Improved relationships at work

Increased Work Performance

Personal Branding

Handling Stress & Pressure

Decision-making skills

Understanding personality & preferences

Effective Communication

Commitment & Motivation

Work-Life Balance

360-degree Feedback

Personality Tests & Psychometrics



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