Creativity & Innovation

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In a world demanding constant change the ability to create something new becomes invaluable.


A creative and innovative spirit is a skill that is expected of executives and high achievers. And although creativity is basically the foundation of whatever we do, however the struggle remains to create something new and exciting from scratch and on demand. The key to creative thinking is leaving familiar thinking patterns behind to embark on a more independent and unconventional thought process. I work with organisations and executives to create a work environment that boosts creative performance and drives change and transformation. Let me teach you the necessary tools and processes to give people the freedom, courage and confidence to become inspired and inspirational.


Creativity is not a fancy gift, it is a skill everybody is capable of.



Techniques to stimulate creative thinking
Inspirational leaders & innovators
Establishing think tanks, thought leaders & lateral thinkers
High levels of job satisfaction and motivation
Creating state of the art work environments
Personal, business & career success
Rethinking on a different level and "outside the box"

Petra is a master of visualisation technique.

After just one session, I was crystal clear about my business.


Nella - Consultant & Coach, London

Track Record

Generating new ideas

Combine business & creativity techniques

Define future strategy & concepts

Improve work relationships & communication

New ways of marketing & selling

Problem & Conflict Resolution Strategies

Applying creative thinking to leadership style

„Outside the box“ thinking styles

New ways of experiencing clients & competitors

Install permanent & ad hoc Think Tanks

Initiate & drive change

Install a creative company culture

Define innovation procedures

Boost commitment & motivation

Intuitive Learning



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