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I take people development to a new level.

My skill set combines personal development disciplines such as coaching, mentoring, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with state-of-the art consulting and change methodologies, business skills as well as sociological and psychological science. My view is analytic, systemic and interdisciplinary which allows me to deliver transformation in a very sustainable and effective way. I am the strong supporter in the background, facilitating personal, professional and organisational development.


All my programmes are bespoke and tailored to your individual circumstances.

Before each process there will be an in-depth analysis and definition of requirements. Together we will define a road to success that will deliver sustainable change and progress from the first session.

Sessions for individuals or teams, delivered personally one-to-one or via phone, Skype, email etc.

Great things are happening when empowerment and motivation encounter personal growth and direction.


Let's question, evaluate, dream, strategise, challenge, laugh...whatever it takes to move forward!


Coaching is a powerful development process where the client takes full responsibility for its journey forward. As your coach I will facilitate the process in analysis, goalsetting, removing obstacles and taking the necessary steps.


Benefit from my rich and diverse career in business and development across various industries, roles and cultures. A more factual process where you receive concrete advice, opinion and guidance.

Find your learnings and direction on how to translate it to own situation.


Strategy sessions with leaders, executives, HR, thinkers and innovators on how to improve performance through work culture and leadership.


Soundboarding and sparring for leaders, executives, top and key player of your organisation. Time with your personal ally to talk, argue, being honest and real, strategise, reflect, receive feedback, challenge the existing, release stress, recharge and think in new dimensions.




“unique complementary understanding”
“invaluable partner in career planning”
“uniting business acumen with powerful coaching”
“never judgemental and always up-lifting”
“quantum jump”
“highly dedicated business professional”
“personal anchor”
“extremly powerful”
“master of visualisation”


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