Organisational Development, Culture & Change

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Organisational and cultural transformation are never complete without people development.

Like no other topic, culture and change provoke people's emotions and so it is of paramount significance that executives proof delicate tact when managing the often enormous investment of organisational transformation. In order to attract and maintain the best people in key and top positions, organisations need to demonstrate a culture that is perceived as worthy.  Even the most sophisticated processes can get overruled by the degree of sheer emotional acceptance of a new reality. Whether you are managing reorganisation, change, adapting company culture or deal with merger, it is vital to get the psychology and the communication right.

My bespoke programs for individuals and teams initiate cutting-edge leadership and company cultures customised to your organisation’s transformation. With my help executives will be able to manage themselves and others much more effectively by addressing psychological as emotional obstacles. By highlighting and facilitating the people factor I assure that your transition will be smooth and sustainable.


Enhance the most valuable asset your organisation has - its human capital.


Cutting-edge company cultures
Sustainable change by aligning people and processes 
Strategy & Future Scenarios
High work performance through commitment and dedication
Securing organisational targets
Needs analysis, research & surveys

Petra knows how to create and influence the right environment for difficult conversations. Also how to ask the right questions that will channel ideas into new directions and set impulses.


Patricia - Marketing & Retail Executive

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