Career Strategy

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A successful career doesn't happen by chance, it is a combination of strategy, goalsetting, relationships and pure dedication.


As an executive and high achiever you know - to stay competitive and on top of a global job market is vital. Whether looking for a new position or moving up the ladder with a current employer - we find ourselves in an ever-evolving and highly demanding working world. In order to build and maintain a successful and fulfilling career it is paramount to make sound and strategic decisions about ourselves. To achieve this I will help you to find your identify and your unique talent. Furthermore we will explore the self-image that you hold and projects to others. Not till then we are able to clarify who you are, what you want to achieve and what price you are willing to pay. Together we will map out your career strategy and create your personal branding. You will learn to play the 'corporate game' - how build your network to gain recognition and significance with key players.



Competitiveness in a global job market
Personal Career Strategy
Personal Branding
Sustainable long-term career paths
Financial and job security
Satisfaction, fulfilment and purpose

Petra has been for some time now an invaluable partner in my career planning. Her insights helped me to develop a new approach to evaluating the status quo, uncover truly relevant opportunities and derive the most optimal alternatives for my personal development.


Chris - Investment Executive, London

Track Record

Analyse strengths & challenges

Improve commitment & motivation

Personal Branding

Stress & Resilience

The first 100 days on a new job

Career Management & Talent

Develop self-esteem & confidence

Building relationships & networks

Manage your employer

Appearance, Style & Body Language

 Burnout & Bullying

Cross-cultural Challenges

Personal & Professional Fulfilment

Effective Communication

Improve decision-making skills

Finding the right Job

Manage applications & job search

Liaise with HR, recruiters & headhunters

Winning CV Writing

Job interview training & preparation

Negotiation Techniques

Understanding the job market

Conflict Resolution & Mediation



Plan your retirement

Learning & Education



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