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When it comes to finding a personal coach or mentor, it just needs to be the right fit. I work with high-calibre professionals who have the courage to challenge themselves and commitment to take the necessary steps to change.  So let me tell you more what you can expect when you working with me. Or even easier, just get in touch to arrange a personal conversation.

My deepest believe is that in business as in life people are the most crucial factor.


Their biggest threat is waste of talent and lost opportunities due to a lack of awareness, creativity or support.




Independent Coach, Consultant & Mentor enjoying the immense privilege of working with leading organisations and exceptional individuals delivering transformation in highly demanding international work environments.


17+ years international Corporate Career that gave me a rich and diverse foundation to take on the challenges as a coach.


Leadership roles with responsibilities up to 1200 staff and 300m annual revenue for the world's largest automobile manufacturer.


Strategic HR Change and Management initiating and delivering transformation on international level.


Talent & Methods Development for a London-based Change Management consultancy.


Sales & Key Account Management for consulting services to the banking world in Frankfurt.


Work Sciences Research as one of the first sociologists researching the effects of IT on people, their workplaces, creativity and performance in future work environments.


Studies of Industrial & Organisational Sociology at Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany) to follow my interest and passion to understand the dynamics between people and organisations.


Relocation to London in 2006 to follow my desire of living and working in this amazing and vibrant metropolis.


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Petra’s unique complementary understanding, impressive interdisciplinary knowledge and highly valuable long-term experience based skills of both complex human nature and what creates outstanding business success make her an excellent asset professionally and furthermore an exquisite gift to know personally.


David - Country Alliance Manager, Switzerland



I work with a wide range of international clients from various backgrounds and industries: Corporates, Executives, Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Start-ups, SMEs, Creative Professionals, Artists and Individuals. It is a privilege to support them being courageous, ambitious, creative, visionary and eager to shape their future. Some call me their coach, mentor or consultant. For others I am their inspirer, secret weapon, thought leader or sparring partner.


In business as in life people are the most crucial factor. Their biggest threat is waste of talent and lost opportunities due to a lack of awareness, creativity or support. To master these challenges, we need to develop a conscious mind and a strong personality.


I am extremely dedicated to my clients and their ambitions. As foundation of my work I create a highly positive, energetic and save environment. No judgement or pretentiousness but plenty of room to explore, think, feel. Highly analytical, strictly no-nonsense and straight to the point. Well-structured processes but tough and inconvenient when necessary. I expect my clients to embrace their strengths and challenges, to take full responsibility and implement necessary steps.
Flexible multi-level services to meet individual needs.

I work with organisations, teams and individuals. Sessions take place face-to-face or via phone/Skype/Email.


I take people development to a new level. My skill set combines personal development disciplines such as coaching, mentoring, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) with state-of-the art consulting and change methodologies, business skills as well as sociological and psychological science. My view is analytic, systemic and interdisciplinary which allows me to deliver transformation in a very sustainable and effective way. I am the strong supporter in the background, facilitating personal, professional and organisational development.


A business world where it is understood and lived that people are the most crucial success factor and therefore the most precious asset.

Where performance is built on powerful culture that enables individuals to thrive on their personal talents.

Where leadership is a state of mind fuelled by self-awareness and humanity. Where executives truly and authentically live up to their responsibility.

Where thought leadership and creative thinking is not being seen as threat, but seen as vital source that secures survival.


To create a working world where people thrive.

Driving performance and business success by enabling people to make full use of their personal talents and individuality. To make human capital investment sustainable.

Enable people to make full use of their personal talents and individuality so they can thrive in an ever demanding workplace of the international business world.

To proof that everyone is the master of their own fate.



Industrial & Organisational Sociologist (MSSc)

Qualified Corporate & Executive Coach

Qualified Personal Performance Coach

NLP Master Practitioner

NLP Master Coach


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Scientific Research





London, UK

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