Women in Leadership


No organisation can afford to renounce the power of female leadership.

Organisations with gender-diverse management are not only financially more successful, they also benefit from an improved culture, decision-making and long-term focus.

I support high achieving women in building and navigating their unique career paths in a challenging male-dominated working world. Furthermore, my role is to build a diverse culture and an environment that allows women to thrive by developing and executing their unique talents.

Female leaders do not need a quota or favours.

They need equality, recognition and significance.



Diversified thinking patterns and decision-making
Higher levels of responsibility and commitment
Increased financial performance
Less conflicts and more focus on problem-solving
Improved social competencies and stronger relationships
Authenticity and collaboration as leadership mantras
Attractiveness as state-of-the-art employer

I have discovered my strengths and have learned how I use them in the best possible way. I have also learned to deal with my weaknesses and with Petra’s help I can now manage them so much better and actually I am now able to use them to my advantage.


Caroline - Executive

Track Record

Building & managing a diverse leadership culture

Define personal female leadership style

Strengthen self-confidence & self-esteem

Career Strategies & Development for Women

Female vs. Male Communication

Female vs. Male Behaviour

Career & Family

Personal Branding

Appearance & Style

Finding a voice and being heard

Analysing development needs

Conflict Management

Finding inner strength

Personal Career Strategy

Thriving in male dominated workplaces

Female Decision-Making

Heart & Head Approaches

Recognition amongst males

Relationship Building



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