How to make the most of your coaching session

Make a promise to yourself The promise you make to yourself in coaching is to allow yourself to learn and grow from the process, to persist despite setbacks, to be honest with yourself about what is truly important, and to stop beating yourself up when you get it wrong. I promise to take responsibility for […]

There is no secret ingredient for success

Very often we ask ourselves why others are so much more successful with their lives or the things they do than we are. For example a former colleague who just updated his LinkedIn profile with a new job because he got promoted -again !!- now possibly earning twice than we are. Or celebrities appearing out […]

Spread your wings and fly

Improve your present Create your Future Ask yourself what you really want Count on your gifts Trust your instincts Develop your talents Your personal journey Discover yourself Understand why Think the opposite Remember who you really are Grow from within Experience how others see you Question existence See weakness as challenge Say things for the […]

How Individuals benefit from Corporate Coaching

    Organisations use coaching in many different ways, e.g. as part of their leadership, change or L&D programme or as an personal solution to develop talent or communication skills, strengthen confidence, resolve conflict and many more. Although we are talking about Corporate Coaching, the real value and potential lies in its high focus on […]

Preconditions for successful corporate coaching

Before coaching can be successfully implemented to an organisation certain preconditions and ground rules need to be in place. Especially for corporate clients these points are even more important as the organisation itself is a body uniting different people and interests under one roof. If the following aspects find consideration the organisation prepares the right […]

Measuring Success of Corporate Coaching

With the recession going on or not, we all know that budgets can be tight for learning & development in organisations. When pitching for an assignment the question of how to measure coaching success often marks the make or break point. Measuring success is necessary for organisations to keep their costs under control but also […]